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Anita Cummins, M.Ed.

CEO/Regulatory Administrator and Clinician

Anita opened the Clinical Trial Center in 2001. With over 17 years of experience with running Clinical Trials, her role is to enforce all operating procedures to equate with International Standards of Operations, perform all psychological/psychometric evaluations, interface with sponsor, CRO's , & IRB's, and advise entire organization on new FDA issues and regulations. Anita has overseen over 150 different Clinical Trials in her facility and continues to receive positive feedback from both patients and sponsors on decication, committment, and integrity.

Joseph J. Heether, MD


Principal Investigator / Sub-Investigator

Medical Director

Dr. Heether is our on-site full-time doctor who has many years of clinical experience. He is board certified in General Surgery and had extensive training and experience as a Cardiothoracic surgeon. 

He joined the Clinical Trial Center on 14/Nov/2023 in the role of Medical Director, Sub Investigator and Principal Investigator. 

    Alan J. Levin , MD

Principal Investigator / Sub-Investigator

Medical Director

Dr. Levin is our on-site, part-time doctor who has many years of clinical and research experience. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and has extensive experience as a family doctor. 

He joined the Clinical Trial Center 20 years ago in the role of Sub-Investigator. Currently he is our site's Principal Investigator. 

Alketa Dobi, RN, BSN, CRC

Clinical Operations Director/ Clinical research Registered Nurse

Alketa is our head study coordinator as well as the supervisor for The Clinical Trial Center. She oversees the day to day business operations as well as the training of all site coordinators. Alketa has extensive experience with cognitive assessments, EKG, vital signs, phlebotomy, administering infusions, preparing study medication for administration and answering any medically related questions in collaboration with the PI. She is CITI certified and IATA certified. 

Mindy Purdy, BS, CET, CRC

Clinical Research Coordinator

Mindy is one of our study coordinators whose primary role is to coordinate all aspects of the clinical trial assigned to her and to assist with study recruitment and pre-screening of prospective subjects.  Mindy is CITI certified and IATA certified. She is trained CSSRS and MMSE rater.

Emily Benedict, BS, CRC

Cognitive Assessments psychometric rater

Emily in one of our study raters whose primary role is to perform various cognitive assessments.  She is both IATA certified and CITI certified. Additionally, Emily is EMT certified and has previously work as a study coordinator. 

Cheryl Herbert, RA

Research Assistant and Community Outreach Coordinator

As the Clinical Trial Center's Data Coordinator, Cheryl is responsible for managing and using clinical information to record data for study and validation. Along with that, she works to engage and educate the community about Clinical studies. If you would like for our team to come out to your event to provide the public information on our current trials, please ask for Cheryl when you call or email her at .

Irene Pressman

Bookkeeper and Human Resources

Irene handles and accounts for all financial transactions for The Clinical Trial Center on and off site. She also maintains subsidiary accounts by verifying and allocating transactions. Irene takes care of all employee relations, payroll, benefits, and coordinates functions of the organization. 

Irene can be reached at

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